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Midway, l’inquinamento che uccide: il bellissimo video di Chris Jordan – Midway, pollution that kills: the fascinating Video Clip by Chris Jordan

Last Updated on 19/11/2019

L’arte a servizio della Natura: il bellissimo video Midway, realizzato con maestria e amore da Chris Jordan nel cuore del Pacifico, presso la Midway Island, a 200 miglia dal più vicino continente, racconta la grande natura, piegata dall’inquinamento e dalle scelte dell’uomo. Negli occhi degli uccelli, la speranza e la disperazione. Vite che si spengono davanti ai vostri occhi, per colpa dell’uomo e del suo bieco egoismo. Perché il loro futuro viaggia parallelamente con il nostro. Se vi piace, se pensate possa illuminare qualcuno, condividete.

Art in service of Nature: the beautiful movie clip Midway, realized with mastery and love by Chris Jordan in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, on Midway Island, 200 miles from the closer continent, he narrates the great nature, subdued by pollution and the choices of man kind. The birds’ eyes are full of hope and affliction. Life’s turn down in front of your own eyes, and the fault is of the man and his grim selfishness. Because their future fly’s in parallel with our future. If you like it, and if you think this could bring some enlighten is someone’s mind, please share this.

MIDWAY, a Message from the Gyre is a short film. It is a powerful visual journey into the heart of an astonishingly symbolic environmental tragedy. On one of the remotest islands on our planet, tens of thousands of baby albatrosses lie dead on the ground, their bodies filled with plastic from the Pacific Garbage Patch. Returning to the island over several years, our team is witnessing the cycles of life and death of these birds as a multi-layered metaphor for our times. With photographer Chris Jordan as our guide, we walk through the fire of horror and grief, facing the immensity of this tragedy—and our own complicity—head on. And in this process, we find an unexpected route to a transformational experience of beauty, acceptance, and understanding.


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